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Funeral Plans

The average funeral within the UK today costs between £3,000 and £5,000 and prices continue to rise year on year. For this reason, prepaid funeral plans are becoming increasingly popular, allowing you to pay for and organise your funeral at today’s prices, tailored to suit both cremation and burial. However long you live, or however much the funeral director’s fees and services are when you pass away, there won’t be anything further for your family or loved ones to pay towards them, alleviating some of their pain and distress during such an emotional and daunting time. Having a prepaid funeral plan also enables you to dictate the precise format of your funeral, eliminating any uncertainty amongst those left behind as to what the funeral service should include.

Any money you pay into your funeral plan is invested securely into a ring-fenced trust fund, where your funds grow to ensure that there will always be a sufficient amount within the fund to cover the funeral director’s fees and services – even as funeral prices rise. Your trust fund is overseen and managed by qualified independent trustees. Furthermore, once you have paid for your funeral plan, it isn’t counted towards your estate, so it’s excluded from inheritance tax charges when you pass away in comparison to simply having a dedicated savings account to pay for your funeral.

Why choose Enfortro?

At Enfortro, we take a different approach when it comes to selecting the most appropriate funeral plan for your needs. Rather than offering plans from a single provider like many companies in our industry, we listen to your exact requirements and offer our expert advice to advise you on the best plan from a number of provider options. This ensures that, when the time comes, you’ll receive your perfect final farewell with all of your particular tastes and preferences considered. 

How much do funeral plans cost?

We offer two options for paying for your funeral plan. You can either pay in a single lump sum, or alternatively spread payments over 12 or 24 months to avoid additional instalment handling charges. If you’re looking for a more immediately affordable option, you can spread the cost over an extended period for anything up to 10 years. Here at Enfortro, part of our service is assisting you in finding the most suitable funeral plan provider to meet your requirements.

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The Enfortro Promise

In the last few years, the adequacy of will writing and estate planning services has received significant scepticism due to some companies charging extortionate fees, creating documents which were not legally binding or even losing documents despite being paid a fee for secure storage. At Enfortro, we are completely committed to your satisfaction as a fully qualified and insured will writing and estate planning service provider. We promise to, at all times, act in your best interests, provide a proper standard of service, and behave in a way which maintains your ongoing trust.


You are able to take out a prepaid funeral plan for anyone you would like, such as your parents, a close loved one or even a more distant relative. Buying a funeral plan for someone else provides security and peace of mind for those close to them. Just let us know and we’ll be happy to help.

If you have any special requests for the funeral such as where to hold the service, flower arrangements or even which hymns to sing, you can add these instructions to your funeral plan at any time, without a charge. You also have the option to make extra contributions towards these personal requests, which will rise each year in line with inflation.

Our service providers have their own networks of approved funeral directors across the UK who can be used for their funeral plans. However, if you would like to find your nearest funeral director or if have a specific funeral director in mind, please let us know and we will do all that we can to meet your requirements.

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